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What are Earth Pulse Devices (EPDs)?

 EPDs are quartz crystal powered piezo electric generators... at the heart of each EPD is a quartz crystal, under pressure in a catalized resin(organic as possible) environment with three conductive metals and one reflective, gold, steel copper and aluminum to create a pulse. A pulse we now understand, serves biology. We believe it is essential to our well being. Our ground pulse, our connection to earth. The energy is real, the results nothing short of a miracle to some. They are designed in response to our theory that our high frequency world of TV, Radio, WiFi, Cell towers, microwaves hide the low pulses of our earth. Something essential to all life on the planet. Our research is showing us the connection and exposing the origins of some diagnosos modern medicine cannot explain and subsiquently mistreats. We believe we have uncovered the mystery of Fibromyalgia. Its Like a car with a bad ground wire or a buzzing lamp. We have had tremendous results. In a major medical breakthrough our BioRox2 has haulted the tremors we associate with Parkinson's in less than ten seconds. Many times now, does not matter the diagnosis. This is proving our theory of the electrical self needing to be treated, balanced. 



 The photos below show what BioRox do to ordinary glasses of water in our freezer... We used filtered water. We placed a BioRox on top of a small glass of water.  This first image is what formed within one hour...notice the sphere in the center of the glass. The glass in the middle is that same glass frozen solid.  

Finally the image on the right is the result of our last experiment in the freezer. Again, filtered water. That IS a spike of water on top that was actually frozen while reaching up to the BioRox. 







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