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Sonic Geometry & Sacred Geometric Tuning

Another avenue of vibrational studies with huge potential is music, what sounds like the most fun could actually be the most significant study down the road.  most cultures in the world indulge in it and it can have profound effects on our biology...One of the things we have identified, and is in harmony with Nassim Harimons resonance project, as well as countless other scientist studying the effects of vibration on biology, is the need to re examine how we tune our instruments. As our work continues it becomes more evident that tuning in the same mathmatics as all life has its benefits.  Tuning as we know it is the invent of Ancient Greece's Pythagorus a mathmetician. In short when you tune your intruments to A=432hz instead of the current standard of A=440hz your notes and subsequnet tones in the scale are born of sacred geometry.  Studies are currently being conducted all over the planet and hands on recording of these frequencies played by a host of different instruments is something we have experience with. We are currently working or have completed projects with several incredible artists in our Lab/studio. They all made a commitment to it after first hand exploration. So in collaboration we  set off dedicated to the study of frequencies that heal. Yes we will produce the expected meditation and yoga enhancing tracks, but we will also produce rock and roll, urban folk, classical... you name it we want to explore it in A-432hz. We want to explore it with you. 

all recording is done (unless stated as live or remote) in our "laboratory" the private studio of our co-founder Stephen Mignon, nicknamed "studio 432"

here is a short and sweet 432hz meditation, designed to tease the pineal gland and cleans the chakras... 

Mignon Voski... the musical collaboration from co founders Stephen Mignon and Sacha Voski, the creators of the BioRox and BioRox2, as an exploration in alternative tuning and meditation... Soulfully delivered mantras and meditative waves of alternate frequency music to ride like a mind surfer...way cool. new single, We're All One, available in iTunes and 35 other online outlets and streaming sites...

Cellestially Rooted... classical with a twist, Derek Graziano the famed builder of the crystal bridged hammered dulcimer he plays and wife Laura on cello, play angle music. We just completed their fist release approprietly called "The Time is Now"  available in iTunes

Ben Phan... His new release "dreams in modern folk" was pre released in Itunes just before the end of 2015. His record is off to an amazing start, an Amazing guitar player with sweet clear vocals... iTunes and others

Matthew Kai... a brilliant composer, pianos, cellos, vocals, awesome... coming soon

Smalltown John...  Jonathan Martin is a national treasure. With over 500 songs to his credit he is a prolific being with much to say in his peotry. His releases will range from a gospel style folk, to power metal. He writes for others as well. His new single featuring Rhoda Weaver will wow you


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