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What is Fibromyalgia? What does "grounding" actually mean?

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Major medical breakthrough

BioRox balance our electrical self by producing the "ground" pulse of earth. (piezo electric pulse, caused by a quartz crystal under pressure, in a matrix of earths conductive and reflective metals.) Walking around in 900mz Wi-Fi 24/7 keeps us from feeling the low 8hz pulse of earth. A pulse we need. It is our life force energy. It changes daily and we are not getting the message. Leaves us feeling agitated, anxious and nerved up... sound familiar. Yes, it is Fibromyalgia. BioRox are the solution for most...We are proving this and other issues are electrical problems. Thing like tremors are big time blocks in our electrical meridian. Like a a plaqued up ground wire on your cars battery cable. When the voltage is not regulated, we feel like a bussing lamp sounds. What we are working on has the potential to change how all biology is treated and maintained. We are electrical in nature and must be treated and maintained as such... we are not just biochemical slabs of flesh, we are generators and need clean electrical systems. We have all ingested a lifetime of toxic fluoride, synthetic foods and heavy metal laden vaccines to harm us all. Our medical conditions reflect this.


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