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What Are BioRox?

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BioRox are quartz crystal powered piezo electric grounding devices... Our science is proving much of what troubles us is electrical in nature. Fibromyalgia is like a lamp with a bad ground wire. Still works but buzzes and shocks... The BioRox relieve the stresses the body experiences when not able to connect to those low frequency pulses. We share a connection to our earth that is challenged by constantly living in 900mz world. The wi-fi, smart and digital electric meters, cell towers, microwaves in our atmosphere tax our biology by hiding momma from us. We need that connection.

On a different note, and possibly more exciting because of the ramifications of the discovery, the BioRox2 when held in the left hand of those suffering from TREMORS or violent shaking have seen the shaking come to a complete halt in just 7 or 8 seconds. We have now seen it enough to know this issue is electrical. It seems to be a block in the meridian. The pulse in the BioRox seems to give the holder enough of a boost or achieves the proper ground frequency to cause an immediate interruption in the shaking... These studies continue. But our 4 years of study and the many miracles in our wake let us know we are on the right path... we are electrical in nature and need to be treated as such. Please share, it is win win, we need the support and help in sharing it with humanity. Non invasive, inexpensive, no electric power needed, no down side...oh and they are very beautiful, designed exclusively for us by Sacha Voski.


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