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Treating Essential Tremors, BioRox2 shuts down the shaking in seconds!!!

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Yes, the BioRox and BioRox2 are making medical history. We study this neurological issue carefully, because we are proving that a corrected pulse, not a pill, stops the shaking in seconds. Modern medicine currently has no solution for the reason we shake, treating only symptoms. We have met and relieved many with this horrible condition. Imagine eating with your hands flying all over. Imagine what it does to their ability to feel beautiful... it is soul crushing. Now imagine it all stops in 7 seconds!!! 

What is going on?  "I am NOT shaking" she said with a voice no one had ever heard. Her voice was affected by the tremors. She had been shaking for 60+ years having started at 4 years old. My guess is after a junk filled vaccine damaged or blocked a node on the meridian/nervous system. Having just a touch of support, from the pulse of the BioRox2, in her left hand, it all stopped and she stood up straight for the first time in her adult life.

Not a fluke we have seen it over and over... 

We do not stop them all, but we are confident if we keep looking at "voltage regulation" and internal plaque or scar tissue build up on the nodes of the nervous system and in the brain, we will uncover this issue completely.

Ok so what is going on? In short...We are all suffering from bad ground wires. We believe the modern high frequency world is hiding natural frequencies that we share and require. We believe this tremor diagnosis and that of fibromyalgia are directly related to our electrical self. It is the equivalent of a buzzing lamp. We are buzzing from a bad ground wire, just like the lamp. Still works, just irritated all the time. it explains the anxiety, the sleep issues, the more severe block that causes the shaking... I think we all suffer a bit of irritation from the 900mhz world we live in. Earths pulse, a pulse that matches our brains alpha wave, is around 8hz. No giga no mega. She changes daily. We don't get the message swimming in 900mhz. We are getting separated from our host. I believe that is what fibromyalgia is proving to be. (Biology that is out of whack with its host)The rise in these diagnosis is directly correlated to the rise in wi-fi and other high frequencies in our modern world, so is the lack of fertility. ( a subject for another study)All the graphs can be found.  We are confident we have given the world of medicine a new path. We are electrical and need to be treated as electrical beings...for more info or to schedule and intuitive session with me Stephen Mignon please visit, www.carslbadbio-research.org

Appointments can be made for ichat or Skype for those living outside of the San Diego area. BioRox are non invasive and require no prescription and can be ordered online 24/7

Doctors, please feel free to reach out to me, phone, Skype and personnel training are available....sessions can be scheduled to bring you up to speed. NOBODY NEEDS TO SUFFER IF THIS HAS A CHANCE. It has proven way better than chance. They work for a large percentage of those that suffer. No chance of placebo.



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