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Relief from Tremors & Fibromyalgia

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It is happening, doctors are seeing the results. Well, they are undeniable. We have been testing this for years, you never forget watching someone who has shaken for years and years suddenly stop. We have seen it over and over. No, we do not relieve them all. But we offer some form of relief if not total shut down for most. There are many contributing factors. But the bottom line is we believe and are proving, issues like tremors and fibromyalgia to be electrical in nature. BioRox are improving peoples lives... It seems we are more sensitive to the high frequencies made by man than we know. BioRox help keep you electrically balanced... grounded. They work, please share this post with someone who suffers. Helps with sleep, anxiety...no down side. no electricity or batteries, no recalibration. it always knows what you need. It is powered by a piezo electric pulse derived from quartz crystal and amethyst the pulsing crystals live in an environment filled with earths metals, including real gold. It is a generator.


What is Fibromyalgia? What does "grounding" actually mean?

Major medical breakthroughBioRox balance our electrical self by producing the "ground" pulse of earth. (piezo electric pulse, caused by a quartz crystal under pressure, in a matrix of earths conductive and reflective metals.) Walking around in 900mz Wi-Fi 24/7 keeps us from feeling the low 8hz pulse of earth. A pulse we need. It is [...]

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