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The work continues


Our full spectrum products are available for everyone to try. “right to try” was granted. We grow our cannabis organically and infuse only raw organic oils with the flowers only. The other parts, as well as flowers, make up our very effective RSO, we call Miracle CompleXa.

The Oil Infusions

7oz Jars of healing goodness. All of them can be used topically for pain or can be cooked with, baked with, or eaten right out of the jar or bottle. Potent medicine. These are all blends, however the Brain Foods lean Sativa (day time varietal) while the Body CompleX and Body CompleXx (extra strength) lean Indica. (more physical, relaxing). These products are not available online. You must reach out directly. We encourage you to call with questions. Prices reflect minimum donation.

7oz Body CompleX - Organic coconut oil $96

7oz Body CompleXx- Organic coconut oil $180 extra strength

7oz Brain Food - Organic coconut oil $96

7oz Brain Food c60 Organic coconut oil $106

4oz Brain & Body Xxo Organic Olive Oil $96 /amber glass, dropper


RSO stands for Rick Simpson Oil. It is a tar like full spectrum oil. Shamanic like, and very effective. We do ours the old fashioned way, with tremendous success. We recently began adding a bit of Carbon 60 to the product for its astounding anti oxidant properties. We blend the tar into a non GMO Avocado oil so it can be used with a glass dropper. The Avocado oil offers its own benefits.

.5oz Miracle CompleXa $65

.5oz Miracle CompleXa.o $68 (O stands for Oregano oil)

.05 Miracle CompleXa c60 $75

Other products of note, not cannabis or hemp related.

1oz Skin Doctor (syrum) $33 a bend of five Ayurvedic oils that works like a dream on anything from open wounds to wrinkles. Nothing better for burns, bites, wrinkles and rashes

4oz spray Super Silver (colloidal nano, 15ppm) $22

We believe our CBD2, CBD2 T and CBD2+ are of the finest available.

Coupon Code For limited time take10% off your next purchase of 100.00 or more, including our newest CBD2 T. We think it is the worlds finest isolation…Use this code when shopping online or call Stephen Mignon directly with questions regarding the full spectrum products. 760-331-4267

Code- O8HQ1LC15

The work continues… so does the relief.


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