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"It works!!" tremors stop immediately...

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We have been at this for some time now and it is with great confidence we share our amazing discoveries with you! 

We did not start out trying to change how biology is recognized and treated. That path found us. Our science is shared with the excitement of genuine discovery. We did not go searching for data to prove anything, the data and the research direction, was a natural path, formed by the day to day discoveries over the last 4 years of interaction with thousands of individuals. 

Donna's Story  

Sacha and I met Donna while teaching in downtown Asheville, North Carolina. We had a little umbrella cart set up. Our early research and development work was conducted under the name of Transmutrix, for those that might remember us. Donna wandered over simply to pet our dog, Kiva.

She could care less about my signs or our display of BioRox. 

She asked solely if she can pet the pup. I said yes, but on one condition, she had to hold one of our BioRox2 while petting Kiva. She agreed... what is important to understand, at this point, is Donna suffers from severe tremors. Hands shaking like crazy, she did not stand up straight or speak in a clear voice. 

I placed the BioRox2 in her left hand and folded her hand over it gently. I suggested she count to ten. By the time she got to 7 her 60 years of shaking stopped cold and she stood up straight and said, in a voice no one had ever heard before, "What is going on here! I'm not shaking!" 

A miracle for Donna. Her husband was shocked. Everyone in ear and eye shot cried. Donna and her husband rolled off to Florida that night. She wrote me the next day to tell me she had awoken to a seizure, and her husband dug the BioRox2 out of her purse and dropped it into her left hand.

It stopped the seizure cold. He husband yelled out "it works!!". She wrote me a long letter explaining what happened and she felt compelled to write a note on the website. 

This is just one of many many miraculous moments that changed everything. It shows quite clearly, trying to fix an electrical problem with a pill is like trying to fix a dirty battery cable in the car with a gas treatment. 

We are electrical in nature and we are suffering electrical problems. We believe there is much plaque on our own "battery cables" or meridian to cause issues with any and all of our systems. Like a ghost in the machine. A voltage regulation issue. We have solutions for many who suffer. I need everyone to share this story. This woman no longer eats with her hands flying all over... how many suffer needlessly. If we can help one in ten, it would be a miracle.

The numbers are much better than that. It does not matter what the diagnosis is. It seems we have uncovered an elusive core issue of fibromyalgia, tremors, etc. We will go as far as anxiety and sleep disorders just being mild interference, but still electrical not bio-chemical. They are varying degrees of electrical interference with our bodies electrical system. It is like a bad ground wire on a buzzing lamp.The BioRox work perfectly. They are non-invasive and need no electricity. We suggest holding it in the left hand. They are self-adjusting, and they work for years and years...

thank you for sharing and your donations... 

All the love, 

S Mignon

Donations for the BioRox start at $32.00 There is no downside. Thank you for your support!


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