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Is high frequency keeping you up at night?

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So many of us have issues with our sleep cycles. What could it be? Another unsolvable enigma like Fibromyalgia? They make drugs to knock us out, but who is talking about the cause. How can so many share a collective issue and we not have solved this? 

What if i suggested all the un-naturally high broadcast frequencies we live in on a daily bases are the problem? Just because they are not "loud" does not mean these vibrations are not disturbing to our biology. I believe these unnatural high frequencies challenge our relationship with the natural frequencies of earth. Frequencies we need and biologically relate to. In essence, those frequencies broadcast by our new digital smart meters, cell phone towers, wi-fi routers and cordless phones of all frequencies, are keeping us from our life force connection to earth. Could this be why we cannot sleep? Like a buzzing lamp with a bad ground wire.

Some history; In 1951 Dr. Schumann, a german scientist and University professor discovered earths pulse.(called Schumann resonance) His discovery was published in a small scientific journal. In 1954 another german scientist who chose not to name his discovery for himself, measured the brains alpha wave. What he found was an exact match to earths pulse. When we are separated from this pulse, we become a buzzing lamp. Still works but it is having trouble grounding. Yes grounding. Could this be what your experience is? Our research is pointing the way to this culprit. We believe the sleep disorders so many are experiencing is simply an electrical inference. When we have a sustained interference, we believe it leads to the diagnosis of fibromyalgia. We believe the next step in the progression is a full on block in the ground pulse meridian, that leaves people shaking from essential tremors and Parkinson's like shakes. Please consider this carefully. We must take some personal responsibility for what is going on inside our bodies. We must consider the fact that we are electrical in nature. Vibration is simply a sound. Some sounds are better than others with regard to our health and wellbeing. Some mess with our balance. 

The re-introduction of earths pulse, stops all of the internal failures caused by the interference...  High frequency messes with us on the atomic level. When the atoms rotation is out of balance, all hell breaks loose.

We need that pulse, we need the walk in the woods, we need to be on the beach. Almost all of us can relate...We feel so much better when we "unplug" Because those days help our "grounding". We believe the sleep issues stem from a constant irritation from those hissing highs. We may or may not hear them, but they are sounds. 

Enter BioRox...developed over time and designed by Sacha Voski and myself, my life partner and co-founder of Carlsbad Bio-Research. 

these crystal powered devices create the piezo electric pulse we desperately lack in todays modern world. When held in the left hand, we have seen the BioRox2 power past the internal blocks, no matter the diagnosis and stop people suffering from the essential tremors, we most often associate with Parkinson's, in seconds. These things are electrical imbalances and blocks. We believe and are proving that sleep disorder is the mild form of this interruption. 


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