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Is High Frequency the Silent Killer?



Are we being microwaved? Stephen Mignon has a brief explanation and some thoughts on the subject. I hope you find it informative. 



Is high frequency keeping you up at night?

So many of us have issues with our sleep cycles. What could it be? Another unsolvable enigma like Fibromyalgia? They make drugs to knock us out, but who is talking about the cause. How can so many share a collective issue and we not have solved this? What if i suggested all the un-naturally high broadcast [...]

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Treating Essential Tremors, BioRox2 shuts down the shaking in seconds!!!

Yes, the BioRox and BioRox2 are making medical history. We study this neurological issue carefully, because we are proving that a corrected pulse, not a pill, stops the shaking in seconds. Modern medicine currently has no solution for the reason we shake, treating only symptoms. We have met and relieved many with this horrible condition. [...]

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"It works!!" tremors stop immediately...

We have been at this for some time now and it is with great confidence we share our amazing discoveries with you! We did not start out trying to change how biology is recognized and treated. That path found us. Our science is shared with the excitement of genuine discovery. We did not go searching for [...]

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A=432hz vs. A=440hz tuning?

This piece was very thorough... thought I would share it with you guys... I am just the messenger here as i did not put this together and it is a ton of both fact and theory...it needs to be explored. I will right something soon on the subject as it is near and dear to [...]

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Relief from Tremors & Fibromyalgia

It is happening, doctors are seeing the results. Well, they are undeniable. We have been testing this for years, you never forget watching someone who has shaken for years and years suddenly stop. We have seen it over and over. No, we do not relieve them all. But we offer some form of relief if [...]

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What is Fibromyalgia? What does "grounding" actually mean?

Major medical breakthroughBioRox balance our electrical self by producing the "ground" pulse of earth. (piezo electric pulse, caused by a quartz crystal under pressure, in a matrix of earths conductive and reflective metals.) Walking around in 900mz Wi-Fi 24/7 keeps us from feeling the low 8hz pulse of earth. A pulse we need. It is [...]

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What Are BioRox?

BioRox are quartz crystal powered piezo electric grounding devices... Our science is proving much of what troubles us is electrical in nature. Fibromyalgia is like a lamp with a bad ground wire. Still works but buzzes and shocks... The BioRox relieve the stresses the body experiences when not able to connect to those low frequency [...]

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